Friday, March 20, 2009

Shopping Is Hereditary

When I mentioned in this post that niece Christie was a shopper extraordinaire, I knew someone in this house would roll his eyes and ask " I wonder where she gets that from?" You think she inherited her supreme shopping skills from moi?

Maybe. You see, last weekend, Riverside Yarns called my name. I was in Owen Sound for other reasons. Not to shop at the yarn store. Not to buy yarn. After all, why did I need yarn? I still have un-knit yarn from last spring's B.C. trip. And from the 2008 KW Knitters Fair. Oh yea. And from the 2007 Knitters Fair too. So I don't need yarn.

And right now, on the needles, I have my Easter Top. Skinny Ribs. A lace Bolero for my grand daughter Abi's first communion. And, I mustn't forget Loden - still only two-thirds done, thanks for asking.

Obviously, not only did I not NEED yarn, I don't NEED another project at the moment. So why did I do it? Why did I persuade myself that I NEEDED to go to the yarn store?

I blame it on the shopping gene that Christie and I share. And this is what I bought.
Ten balls of Vienna. The same yarn I used for Shalom. This time in shades of reds and purples. Just enough yarn to make the February Lady Sweater. I convinced myself that it was OK to buy the yarn because FLS has been in my ravelry queue for some time now. And of course, because, Colleen (smart merchandiser that she is) had it pre-packaged, priced at 50% off and right inside the front door. Who could resist?

But I promise, I won't start it until I finish all some of these.
And unless Fred forces me to have a DNA transplant, this habit of shopping when I don't NEED anything will probably happen again. We are who we are. Eh Christie?

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