Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group and Survivor

March Break meant fewer of us at knit group today. But that didn't mean less knitting.

If we had a prize for productivity, the winner, this week, would have been, Sharon. She had a few days off work and pulled out her weaving loom. You creep into a corner when a fellow fibre artist brings this to show and tell.

And in close up.
Obviously, weaving is faster than knitting.

Doreen is wearing the vest she completed with last week's newly-learned skill of mattress stitch.
It fits you well, Doreen, and we all recognized her the knitters trade mark.

The other Doreen, made a lovely 'mistake' scarf.

She mistakenly put in a few rows of garter stitch and rather than 'rip', decided to make it a design feature. (Haven't we all been there?)

Joanne made another easy peasy scarf.
Lovely colours, Joanne

Remember Wilma's baby sweater from last week? Here it is finished. And to show the size difference between adult and baby, we placed it on Wilma.

Nell, a master of crochet, was intrigued by Marlene's cro-hooking and decided to give it a try. That double-ended hook has stumped our master and she will have to wait for Marlene to help her out.
And what about Survivor? The cross-tribe alliance seems to be working. But they apparently take March Break. No Survivor until next week.

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Sandra said...

March Madness usurped Survivor this week - NCAA basketball always takes precedence, it seems. ANd next week, Survivor is on Wednesday night, also due to March Madness. Be ready!