Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor.

Company came! And what fun we had.

First there was shopping.

I think they're getting close to checking out.

Then there was food.

Well, actually the pics were taken while we waited for food, but you get the idea.

Then there was knitting.

And more food as you can see. Since we're in the Beaver Valley - the apple capital of Canada,
I'm sure, we served the new Red Prince apple and cider. A little snack after lunch.

New friendships were formed.

Pity those two gentlemen in the corner behind us. I bet they've never heard so much laughter.

And knitting was shared.

It was SO!!!! much fun. Let me tell you if you need some extra people to liven up a place, call the Southampton girls. They sure know how to party. We had a ball. Thanks for coming ladies. We look forward to 'doing' Southampton.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the the Southampton ladies and a big thanks to you,Brenda, for starting it all! It was a lot of fun and hopefully the first of many get-togethers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks was a nice day..PS I know the guys in the corner did not mind at all..One is a friend of mine, and the other gentleman's daughter owns the restuarant and he was very happy the see the crowds.He really hopes that this business will be successful for her..