Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Revival And A First

As a teenager, I loved to sew. Four years of high school 'Home Ec' taught me so much about sewing and tailoring that I made all of my own clothes. In my twenties, as a 'stay-at-home' Mom with two young boys, I sewed clothes for the entire family. Even the then-popular Leisure Suits for Fred. While the kids napped, I sewed.

Then the world changed. The kids grew up. I got a job. The economy became 'global'. I haven't sewn clothes for many, many years.

But when Christie was visiting and shopping, she tried on a wonderful little spring coat. Waist-length, in a lovely teal-ish blue, with two LARGE buttons down the front. She loved it and it looked great on her. Her wide, isn't-this-awesome smile disappeared before my eyes as she read the $98 price tag. Even her new-found babysitting riches couldn't cover that.

Once she returned home, I decided to replicate the coat for her. Fortunately, the style must be très 'au courant' as there were several patterns to chose from. I was even able to find fabric in the same shade of blue. Today, I have revived my sewing skills. So far it seems to be like riding a bike - no tumbles yet.

And while a revival is taking place indoors, outdoors, it is a first. For this year, anyway.

My 'Little Book Of Firsts' tells me that in 2008, the first day of drying clothes outdoors was April 15th.


Sandra said...

Love getting the sheets outside on the line! It's one of the true signs of spring.

LaurieM said...

Oh you are a fabulous aunt!!! What an awesome and thoughtful thing you are doing.