Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursdays Are For Knit Group & Survivor

Tonight, only the second week of Survivor,and it will be no Survivor for me. Fred and I have tickets to see 'Letter From Wingfield Farm'. For those of you not from Ontario, this is a hilarious one-man play in which the actor plays about 10 different roles. The story line is that a stock broker - city slicker type - decides to pack in the rat race and become a farmer. He writes letters to the editor of the local newspaper describing the characters and events in his community. It is two hours of non stop laughing.

But before I head out, here is what the Knit Group was doing today.
Gail finished this child's sweater. Made with leftover yarn she said, so bonus there too.

Nell made this lovely scarf. She used the idea from the easy Peasy Wrap with a few modifications. She knit two rows of each colour. And with her great sense of style, she repeated the colours to create a unique effect. Apparently her neighbour begged to buy it from her, but Nell is gifting it to someone special.

Sharon made this fab dropped stitch scarf, which my photography doesn't do justice. The yarn is silk, studded with sequins. Kind of like this yarn that I bought in B.C.

Only, I see mine is Polyester.

And that's all for tonight, folks. We are off to the theatre.

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