Friday, October 24, 2008


As promised, modelled shots of Diagonal Rib. Light and colour are pathetically poor - a reflection of my photography skills - well, lack thereof - rather than the sweater.

When I posted a few days ago about not making any changes to the pattern, I forgot one thing. Rather than casting off at the shoulders, I short short-rowed them, then joined the shoulders together with a three needle bind-off . It makes for a much nicer shoulder, IMHO.

It's a lovely sweater. warm and cozy with great detail in the diagonal ribbing, but a little bit short. Hmmmm. I wonder if I should take it apart and lengthen it a bit?

On an normal sweater, with normal ribbing, lengthening is an easy task. Just cut above the ribbing, knit down the extra length, then finish off with new ribbing. But this is not normal ribbing. This is diagonal ribbing. Another story altogether. Instead of cutting the bottom to add a bit of length, this sweater would have to be de-constructed from the top down and length added to the body between the ribbing and the armholes.

It would mean, finding all the ends, I so nicely finished off. Starting with the button bands, then the shoulder seams ,then the sleeve seams. Only once all those pieces had all been 'de-sewn', could I start to rip the body down to the armholes.

Some would say I'm crazy. Some would say, I like a challenge. Over the weekend, I will decided which I am.

Happy Knitting.

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LaurieM said...

The sweater is looking good! Even blurry. Your shoulder technique is very nice.

Here's a nutty idea. What about putting some sort of edging around the bottom to lengthen it out? Could be a mitered strip, or some twisted stitches or even some lace. I'd just suggest that it be something with an angular aspect to it so it adds to the design. Anyway, knit it on as you go and you won't even have to do any sewing!

Good luck with whatever you decide.