Monday, October 27, 2008

A Record Set

Each Saturday, my site reader sends me a report with the number of blog readers in the past week.

This week, a record was set. 176 readers. Yahoo! A far cry from many of the bogs, I read - cosmicplutoknits; freshislefibers; the soxophoneplayer; teri's knitblog , I am sure, but still a number that pleases me. Thank you dear readers.

Interesting too, is to see where you come from. Some of the cities on the list were Simcoe, Hanover, Toronto, Port Elgin and Tillsonburg ( Hi Dad) Ontario. There's Duncan, BC; Hermitage, Tennessee; Mooresville, North Carolina; Silver Spring, Maryland; Rochester and Bronx New York, and Kellogg, Idaho. Cities in Germany, Latvia that I couldn't even pornounce. Wow!

Interesting too, to see what time of day you read. There are early morning readers, late night readers and Shhhh.... some readers, I am sure, use the boss' time to read the blog. Don't worry, I won't tell.

Again, thank you all.

1 comment:

EL said...

Hi Brenda from Southampton!! (it comes up Port Elgin)

I really enjoy reading your blog.