Tuesday, October 7, 2008

'Rural Technologist' or 'Just Another Web Developer'

There's a new magazine on the local scene, titled Grey Bruce WOMAN Magazine. It profiles "Women With Passion & Pride You Will Want to Meet".

Stories of women with passion and pride always interest me, so I picked up a free copy. About half-way through the magazine, who should I see, but knitters' own Emma Jane Hogbin.

Emma has a great blog that I have enjoyed reading for a few years now. Probably ever since she was mentioned on her friend, the yarnharlot's blog. Her magazine profile tells of being just another web developer when she lived in Toronto, but since moving back home to Owen Sound, she has become a 'rural technologist' travelling to points in North America and Europe for her business. Way to go, Emma. And she knits too. Knitters Rule, Dudes.

Thanks for making us proud, Emma.


Anonymous said...

thats awesome! cant wait for thanksgiving dinner!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Brenda! I'm very proud to have this area as both my home town and my current town. :)