Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A-Hunting We Will Go

Here they are. My four hunters, with their hunting hats - the 'mystery' hats. I was told it's Partridge, not Quail they hunt. Either way, I think the birds are safe.

Charley - Dad - the first to try his on.

Then, the family shot.

Sarah seems to think it is quite funny. And she would be right.

Then of course, with kids, the " stretched mouth shot."
What a wonderful Thanksgiving! 21 for dinner on Sunday and a rare, non-summer, non-ski weekend with the above-Hearsters. The weather could not have been more wonderful. The kids barely resisted the temptation to jump off the pier for an October swim. There were horse and wagon rides at the Apple Festival, fishing in the Beaver River, Salmon spotting at the fish ladder, board games and lots of laughs. And, today, the stock market is rebounding. Lots to be thankful for.

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