Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

Wow! What a day at knit group. Today was 'yarn day''. And sorry for those of you on dial up. This post is FULL of pictures.

Some time ago, the group decided to make Easy Peasy Shawls as a pre-Christmas knit-a-long. The idea was that we each bring from home any yarns that we wanted to donate to the cause. The yarns were for all to share. I arrived early, but the frenzy had already begun.
There were blue yarns
and pink yarns

off white yarns.
and all colours under the rainbow.

There were sparkly yarns and ribbon yarns.

And of course, knitters, anxious to begin.

Sharon helps Sandra with her cast on

Some had a bit of a head start.

But of course there was other knitting done through the week.
Sandy - the other Sandy - has the cutest little baby outfit done in Baby Bamboo

And Sharon finished her lovely scarf.
Sharon says that she has never been much of a scarf wearer. But I think she does it with panache, don't you?
When I asked Sharon for the story behind her scarf, she said. "No story. I just treated myself to silk." And why not.

Now we think we should have a fashion show when all the shawls are done. Great idea.

Time for Survivor and knitting.

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Anonymous said...

Yarn day was soooo much fun! I am looking forward to seeing all the finished results! There was so much wonderful yarn there that some knitters will be making two shawls! I think easy-peasy shawl photos might take some time. Thank-you, Brenda for documenting it.