Friday, October 10, 2008

The Mystery Hats

The mystery hats can now be revealed. The intended recipients are in the car for the long drive south from Hearst.

So here they are.

What the heck???? you say.

Well, this summer, while in Hearst and visiting my new knitting-friend, Ruby, I saw that she was knitting hunting clothes for the hunters in her family. Hats, Mitts, Socks. All in Briggs & Little Hunter Orange. What a great idea, thought this knitter.

Charley, the Hearst son, hunts Quail in the fall. Often he takes all three kids along for a Saturday in the great outdoors. Which I personally think is very good luck for the Quail as the kids are only interested in the bon fire, the hot dogs and the marshmallows. While Charley tends to the kids, the Quail go free.

But Ruby's knitting got me thinking. Wouldn't it be fun for them all to have Hunter Orange hunting hats? So here you have it.

Four identical hats, but with their initials under the brim so there are no fights as they get dressed for a day in the woods. But once on the head, with brim turned up, they all look alike.

Modelled shots after Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving all. May you all be blessed with much to be thankful for.

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