Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Moving On

With Diagonal Rib done and on the blocking board (Yes it's still there. Not dry yet.)
it is time to move on.

You would be right if you thought I should carry on with Loden Mist.
But you would be wrong if you thought that in fact, that is what I have done.

Instead I have started this little number.
Do you remember the 'dress that called my name'? Well, it occurred to me that if I made a long sleeved topper for it, I could wear it year round.

When the local Stedmans store put yarn on sale, I couldn't resist. Four balls of Patons Brilliant should make this cover-up.
Look at the price. At $1.50 per ball, it's another well-priced project. (How many knitters, not buying expensive yarn, does it take to make a recession? Perhaps, I'll have to do my duty to help out the economy.)

Construction of this topper is interesting. Cast on starts at the bottom edge of the left front. Extra stitches are cast on when the sleeve is reached. Once half the width of the sleeve has been knit, everything is put on hold while the right front is knit. Then all stitches are put on the same needle and the remainder of the sleeves as well as the back is knit. You can see it better from the schematic. If I knew how to put an arrow on my picture, it would point to the bottom left front, where the topper is started.

I have almost all of the stitches cast on for the sleeve at this point.
Except my yarn is actually brown. So far, this seems to be a fast and fun knit.

I will work on Loden though. A bit at a time. And modeled shots of Diagonal when it's dry and has buttons. Right now, I'm moving on.

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