Friday, October 17, 2008

A FO and Almost a FO

Diagonal Rib is almost done!!! Here are both fronts on the blocking board.

And what is that in between, you ask?

A Sharon's look-alike scarf.
Remember hers with Silk yarn and sequins?
I thought her yarn looked like mine, until I read my label to discover mine is Polyester. But my sequins are just as shiny.

What a quick knit! The night of the long hike -when I was too tired to do any thinking knitting - I knit this in about one hour. The yarn was one of my B.C. purchases. There were only 67 metres on the ball and I knew that. But at $12.99 a ball - for Polyester!!! - I bought only one ball. "It will make something" I thought.

And here is what it made. A cute little scarf. More a necklace than a scarf. But colourful, bright and shiny. I like it. It was simple to make, Cast on 20 stitches. **Knit 6 - 8 rows of garter stitch, then two rows of YO, k2tog. Repeat from ** until (in my case I ran out of yarn) scarf is as long as you like.
And as we speak, the shoulders of Diagonal have been sewn together. A couple more seams, then the button/buttonhole bands and I'll be wearing that Diagonal for crisp fall days.

Yea!! A FO.

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OzB said...

The Diagonal Rib is looking totally amazing Brenda. They are all lovely!