Monday, February 1, 2010

Bath Time For Waterloo

Day after day of Waterloo County Fairisle! I know I risk boring you, but an exciting day today in the knitting of WCF. The sweater is finished up to the shoulders.
I must say, EZ's method of knitting a tube from cast on to shoulder makes for much faster knitting and proves without doubt that I knit faster than I purl.

And look at the completed motif at the top. How's that for right-on row gauge?

I knit straight from cast on to shoulder. No neck opening, no break for sleeves, no back and forth once the armholes were reached. That means much steeking ahead. Besides the customary centre front and for me, not-so-customary sleeve steeks, I intend to cut away the neck line, to produce a crew neck shape.

This is a bit of a stray from true EZ form, but I'm trusting her oft-mentioned admonition to 'do your own thing' would mean that she would approve. EZ divides the top into thirds; one third for each shoulder, and the centre third for the neck. Without shaping, this becomes a boat neck. I'm not much for boat necks, so my plan is to sew a line of stitching around the neckline, cut out the excess fabric then pick up stitches for the neck trim. I think it will work.

But that is all yet to come and perhaps to be delayed by the Olympics. I will see how fast my needles can fly in the next eleven days. In the meantime, WCF says "Night Night. Time for a bath."


Vera said...

That will be a beautiful sweater. It looks very hard to make. I would not have the patience to count the pattern out. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

Sel and Poivre said...

I'm way behind on my blog reading, I finally get to stop in here and you're already at the the shoulders!

Isn't it amazing how things fly when you don't ever have to really stop for anything?

LaurieM said...

Lookin' good... I think your idea for the neck is very smart and it is entirely in the spirit of EZ. I'm sure she'd approve!