Friday, February 12, 2010

Opening Ceremonies

Tonight is the night. The stomach is a-flutter, the needles are ready, the yarn is ready. The pattern and it's errata is ready.

The swatches have all been swatched. I am as prepared as I can get. What will be will be.
Doesn't that sound Canadian?

What I should say, what a true Olympian would declare, is - the gold medal is in sight. I am visualizing the flag being raised over the podium as I hold my Green Sweater high. But as son Peter says, in our family, we aspire to mediocrity. So, we'll see. What I am really expecting, is fun.

And since it is hours away from the start time and knitting talk is scarce, I must tell you a little story. Fred ASKED me to put it on the blog. That doesn't happen often - or at all. So ....

Having treated myself recently to a new sound system - an iPod and an iPod docking station with great speakers, I have been having fun spending money at the iStore. Last week, I downloaded Leonard Cohen's 'Live In London' allbum.

I love music. And mostly I love it loud. Just like my Dad. Fred on the other hand doesn't even like music, let alone loud music. And if you know Fred - even just from reading the blog - you know that Fred is a man of few words. But sometimes those few words are hilarious.

One day this week, Fred announced that he was heading off to Canadian Tire after lunch.
"Great," I said. "While you are gone, I will make bread and knead the dough to Leonard Cohen. Leonard Cohen Loud" I said.

Fred responded with " Hmmm. Flat bread."

Have a great weekend everyone. Think of me casting on tonight at 6:30Pm Ontario time and wish me luck. Training only goes so far.


Sel and Poivre said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sel and Poivre said...

Oh, My "deleted by author" comment looks ominous! I noticed a spelling mistake so I cancelled it to repost! Honestly - that's all that was wrong!

Anyway, good luck tonight.

I just realized I never took my alpaca yarn's inclination to stretch into account when I altered my Olympic pattern and changed the yarn choice from the recommended wool!

'Back to my calculator I must run!

Sigrun said...

I love moderately loud music, too--Andrea Bocelli and female arias from operas. I get a lot more work done, and don't get as easily distracted when I have "my " music on. I'm trying to put your blog on my bloglist, but blogger isn't taking it, so I have you on my list of favorites. Just finished watching the Opening Ceremonies. WOW!

Sharon said...

I Love my Ipod..but books are great too!! Bob likes his music..but sings along out loud..annoying