Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

The excitement was palpable at knit group today as knitters knit their way to gold.

Sharon, who two weeks ago had never knit lace and spent days practising yarn overs and nights lying awake worrying about them, has half of her Branching Out scarf done.
She didn't even knit on it this afternoon, but took the time to start another project. A medal contender for sure.

Doreen, dressed for the Olympics,
is our first athletic knitting injury.

Despite the hand, look at what she has accomplished on her 'seed-stitch-always-gives-me-trouble' vest.

Nicki has committed to six!!! projects. All small, all stash busters. This one involves her first ever attempt at brioche stitch.

This one, her first ever ear flaps.
As simple as these seem, they both gave Nicki grief. She called one day this week to describe her troubles and soon we were both laughing hysterically at her mis-adventures. Who has more fun than knitters?

Gail is well along with her top-down sweater. And this after a weekend of gallivanting around Toronto with her sisters.

Lois has a start on her hat. She is using two yarns held together.
Her challenge is simply that of returning to knitting after many years of not picking up the needles. Imagine!

Wilma has both fronts and the back of the cabled, seed stitch sweater complete.

Well, it was complete, then she noticed a mis-crossed cable.

Can you see it?
She wasn't happy. She said it was a sweater of multiple rip backs.

I suggested she simply drop the four cable stitches down to the mis-cross and re-hook them up correctly. A first for her and for those looking over our shoulders as we started the process.

The local newspapers got wind responded to my call and came out to take our pictures today. Will the muggles place us on the front page? Wednesday is paper day, I'll let you know.

And tonight. Do I watch Survivor or the Olympics? Survivor will win, I think. Off to a good start, but I would have voted off lazy, manipulative Cirie.


Anonymous said...

Brenda, I think you could be called Wilma's "diffence maker" today. Way to go!

Zieknits said...

Wow! So much progress!

Can't wait to see if you all make the paper (online, for me, sadly) next week!