Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 14

It happened many times during these Olympics. A tremendous speed through the first part of the race, led to a slow down near the finish line. The announcers would scream
"Oh! No! The athlete is slowing down."

The same is true for me. Close to the end of the race, with the finish line in sight, but with sore muscles and mental fatigue, I am slowing down.

I am calling this change in pace, the 'I AMs' of my Olympic Knitting.

I am tired.
I am very tired.
I am sore. I hurt here

and here
and here.
As I heard the Russian Men's figure skater, Evengi Plushenko say during his post skate interview, "I need a massage."

But -
I am finished sleeve number one.
Hemming is all that's left to be done.

I am half finished sleeve number two.

I am going to win a gold medal.

I am convinced pretty sure about that.
"I need


Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda - are you keeping us in suspense with that last sentence?! Hope your injuries don't slow you down too much - that is one ambitious project and you're going to need your endurance! I hear your area had very snowy roads the last few days...good reason to stay in and knit. Cheering you on,

Gina C.

Christy J said...

Go, Brenda! You can do it! Our aching fingers are nothing compared to the burn that the speed skaters feel. Somehow I managed to jab the point of my knitting needle between my fingernail and the pad underneath while struggling with the twisted ribbing, and it hurt all last night. But my sweater is all knit. Today I plan to graft the underarms and darn in ends. I must post the finished photo on Ravelry by the closing ceremony. And since you asked, the yarn I used is Alafoss Lopi. Many fewer stitches than your sweater, if you don't count knitting one sleeve and setting up the frontband/collar/frontband ribbing twice.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Brenda! I'll be thinking of you Sunday night.