Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 3. Olympic Training. Near Tragedy.

Knitters. DO NOT, I tell you, DO NOT knit as I do. Or even as I say. Yesterday, I mentioned that I had a gauge of 19 stitches on my Olympic swatch - a piece that requires 20 stitches. I said I would re-knit the swatch using a bigger needle.

Well, thank goodness someone knows how to knit.

My good friend Patti-Ann emailed to say - only of course she didn't email in red, she's too kind. That's my touch.

"You're going the wrong way!
.... you need to go DOWN a needle size, as your stitches are currently too big....heading for a 5.5mm - you're going the wrong way, my friend! ha ha"

How true. Of course. I do know that there is an inverse relationship between needle size and stitches obtained. I do know that the bigger the number of stitches required, the smaller the needle size. Yes, I do know that. Apparently, I know it like the little old lady knows that to back out of the garage she must put the car in reverse but proceeds to drive forward through the back wall of the garage. As did my sister's neighbour a few years back.

Or like I knew that to receive the discount price on Saturday night's Pizza, required me to actually take the coupon to the Pizza place rather than leave it on the counter.

Signs of Alzheimer-like forgetfulness are frightening and can have serious consequences. My sister's neighbour's kids thought it time to send Mom to the nursing home and I paid full price for that Pizza.

To spend another evening knitting a gauge swatch on what I knew to be the wrong size needle, would have been discouraging and not worthy of a knitter who has knit hard to gain a spot needled her way on to the Meaford Olympic team.

Thank goodness for coaches.

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Soxophone Player said...

Thanks to your friend Patti-Ann! I wanted to ask about that point but thought it was just one more hand knitting thing I didn't 'get' and didn't want to sound dumb.