Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Robots Have Arrived

I've been lucky , or naive. In the few weeks short of two years that I have been blogging, the only robotic comments I've received happened within minutes of my first post. Since that time, only bonafide readers have commented.

With that good fortune, I felt it not necessary to add 'word verification' to the comments section of the blog. I took the attitude that until the blog was bothered by robotic or otherwise troublesome comments, I wouldn't bother you with the word verification process. Presumptuous of me, perhaps, but if I dislike having to read those silly words, I imagine you do too.

Recently though, the robots must have upgraded their equipment as there was first one, then two, then repeated robotic comments. Only one of them off colour, but still they are non-sensical and in some bizarre way, threatening.

So, word verification it is. Hopefully, the robots don't learn the alphabet.

1 comment:

Zieknits said...

No worries on the word verificationm, either for us (well, me, anyway :)) having to copy them, or that the robots might read them. I watched something on TV about this: the reason they made the letters look all psychedelic is, robots can't read wavy text. :)

I second the question from yesterday's comments about the basting stitches. Do tell!