Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day ?? Who Can Remember?

Yesterday, when I posted that only two sleeves and seven crocheted buttonholes stand between me and a medal, I actually thought that do-able. After all, I'm knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann, the queen of do-able. But today, I think differently.

I started sleeve number one. Look at this grand accomplishment for yesterday's efforts.
What is that ? Two inches? If I'm lucky.

All of a sudden, I feel - as zieknits commented - the Norwegians breathing down my back. Have you seen their winter sweaters? Those people know how to knit.

Mind you, to start the sleeve, requires picking up stitches, marking off the underarm gusset, marking off the top, two, sleeve stitches, then decreasing at the marked stitches every other round. Those prickly details take time. Today, with the gusset down to the required eleven stitches,
only the sleeve top decreases remain. The knitting should go faster.

The pattern now tells me to try on the sweater to determine desired sleeve length. I am afraid to do that. The sweater looks so great, I fear the disappointment of a no-fit. I will mutter the mantra of every Olympian before I try it on. "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..."

Yet again, I say - "wish me luck."


Sel and Poivre said...

I thought that was the mantra of the "Little Train that Could"! ;)

Seriously, how fancy does it feel to be doing something the right way, many would say, the best way? (Rarely to be confused the the fastest way 'd imagine)It must feel fabulous - and I bet that's how the sweater is going to fit!

Laurie said...

Much luck! Your work is beautiful, and you'll pull away from those Norwegians in no time. Just pausing for a little second wind...