Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Paint Drying

Waterloo is drying. Despite being placed in a sunny window and close, but not too close, to a heat register, the process is about as fast as drying paint. But - and only knitters would 'get' this - a lot more fun to watch.

Another thing, that only knitters see is the 'difference'. The difference between the pre and post bath state of the knitting. Post bath offers smoother, more even stitches, a definite fit, and an incredibly softer feel to the yarn.

Briggs&Little, I love you. Even if - as Susan of theraineysisters told me, "it looks like they swept up the floor after shearing the sheep and spun it." I love their yarn. Economically priced, good, sturdy, 100% wool that comes out of the tub all cuddly and soft.

Here is the pre-bath photo from yesterday's post.
It appears to be somewhat 3D in appearance. Some stretched stitches, some small stitches, and none of them particularly smooth stitches.

Now, today's post-bath shot
Bathed a full half hour in sweet smelling Eucalan and laid out to dry. Nice smooth stitches.

Lastly, only a knitter would 'get' how anyone could write an entire blog post about paint knitting drying. But I don't - and I bet you don't either - find that at all strange.


Sandra said...

nope. not strange at all.

Zieknits said...

It's not strange, it's interesting!

Do they still sell those lovely mesh sweater-drying-rack things? Hmmm....

PS: I won't even tell you what the blog comment 'word verification' was...one letter away from being an expletive! LOL!

Sel and Poivre said...

Here's probably a stupid question but are those basting stitches? Do you always do that?

freshisle said...

Not strange at all. Very entertaining.