Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

We had a full house at knit group today, and the room fairly buzzed with activity and laughter. Needles flew, conversation flew and 'ruffles' were the knit talk of the day.

Pat's latest doll is a ballerina. With a ruffled tutu. Nice doll and nice sweater you are wearing Pat.

Wilma knit another pair of leg warmers for her grand daughter (btw - as Ingrid proved today, child-sized leg warmers make terrific lady-sized arm warmers). Ruffles here too.

And Nicki, with time off work, arrived to show us her latest, lace scarf. Ruffled.

Sharon announced her Olympics project. Branching Out from Knitty. With that beautiful red yarn.
Remember the little kimono Sharon showed last week? Here it is completed with contrasting little socks. So Adorable.

Joanne finished another Easy Peasy scarf. She has knit dozens of these and chooses colours with a designer's eye.

Doreen has a message for all to read.
But she didn't spend the entire week reading. Look at the hats.
She also finished the long fingerless mitts -the ones she knit flat and had to sew up. Her bad arm is often cold and she hopes the mitt will help keep it warm while she knits.
A gorgeous colour and a gorgeous soft mohair yarn. If they don't work out for you, Doreen - I'll be first in line.

And just so you can see some of the things that make us laugh. Here's Nicki, ready to do unspeakable things to me if when I take her picture.


Zieknits said...

You Thursday pics make we wish I were there!

So many great projects. I was just noticing yesterday that ruffles are everywhere lately.

Please tell Sharon that if Branching Out is to be her first lace project, as it was mine: lifelines are her friend. I'm just sayin'...!

Anonymous said...

That Meaford group - amazingly productive!! Love Pat's latest doll, too cute! Some lucky little girl is going to find herself with a new yarn friend.

Gina C.