Friday, May 15, 2009

When Does The Week End?

Earlier this week, I promised (Ooh. Strongly worded. Let's say 'hoped for') two finished objects by week's end. One, of course, was the Easter Topper 2010. Check.

The other was Skinny Ribs. As of last night, I am one sleeve short of done.

So, the question becomes, "When does the week end?" Friday is the end of my blog week and was, therefore, the original goal. But with Skinny Ribs not done, it is time to alter that goal. (No supervisor was harmed in the delaying of this goal) The goal is now 11pm Sunday night.

Which will work out just great, as Survivor Finale starts at 8pm, giving me three solid hours of knitting time. Lots of time to finish Skinny Ribs. And this bold statement gives you opportunity for Monday-morning mirth, as most likely I will be telling you that my 'May 2 - 4' left me with no knitting time.

Here's hoping your 'May 2 - 4' is full of things like this.

All photos execpt the bottom one taken by Wilma (wearing green) on Tuesday morning's hike.

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Sandra said...

I plan on watching the 3 hours of Survivor at the cottage with the rest of the family - we all have bets on the outcome. I went obvious - go J.T.!