Friday, May 22, 2009

The Push Is On

The 'Pushy Jacket' has been waiting as patiently in my queue as a Push can do. Sounds a bit like Dr. Suess, but it's just that Pushy Jacket.

The pattern calls for a gauge of 12 stitches over four inches - quite a bulky yarn. In my stash I had some green Cascade Eco Yarn which claims a gauge of 14 stitches. But just looking at it - well, looking at it closely after the clerk at Beehive Woolshop in Victoria B.C., last spring, pointed it out to me - I knew it would never work out to 14 stitches. It was too fine and the fabric would be too loose to be pleasing at 14 stitches.

But knit with a second yarn, it could probably achieve the gauge required for Nimbus. The rainy, windy day that Colleeen didn't have any aran-weight cotton in stock, I purchased some Luxury Soft 4 Ply Cotton by Sirdar, in colour 670 - Kiwi, to knit with the Eco yarn.
The perfect choice. Both the colour and the gauge are just what I wanted. And the quick-knit bulky yarn is perfect, speed therapy. A nice antidote to the slow, Slinky Ribs, knit in DK weight, that I just finished. It will be fun - and a first for me - to put up a FO on ravelry that was started and completed in the same month.
Here are two sleeves and most of the back - knit in the last couple of evenings.

And as a point of reference -
Where's the Church?


Unknown said...

Ohhh...where is the church? Don't you just love to see the world full of colour and life after such a long winter!

freshisle said...

That is quick! You have loads already knit.
Our neighbour's house behind us is slowly disappearing as well. I love the privacy.