Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Skinny On Skinny Ribs

With the 'Easter Topper 2010' safely in the sweater drawer, it's on to new things.
In my case, 'new' reminds me of the song ' Everything Old Is New Again'.

My 'new' knitting project is an old one. I started Skinny Ribs
from this book,
sometime this winter and set it aside for another project. Perhaps Abi's Bolero. Enough time has passed, though, that I don't actually remember why I set it down.

All that's left to complete are the sleeves. Fortunately, before starting them, I thought 'just in case' and tried it on. It looks as if I was a bit carried away on the shoulder to armscye portion. In some settings a top with a neckline below the nipples might be acceptable, but nowhere I go.

It seems deflating to rip out the entire thing - it's knit top down - to shorten the neck depth. I think the sewing machine will do a great job. An inch taken off across the shoulders should do the trick. Then on to the sleeves.

It might just be a two 'FO' week for Brenda. After all that Pushy Jacket is really getting aggressive. Musn't leave her in the queue too long.


Unknown said...

Oh, lady, you make me laugh...I'm shocked that you don't find a neckline that's below the nipples wearable!

I love Custom Knits...I've got the book too...I'll have to watch out for that Skinny Ribs pattern...it is one of my favorites...the g-rated version, not your x-rated one...I think the sewing machine will work wonders!

Sel and Poivre said...

My daughter would tell you that two shirts rather than the more "old fashioned" (her term) single shirt approach is the way to deal with VNS (visible nipple syndrome). She and I have had this conversation several times recently as I keep buying shirts that turn out to be transluscent once I get them home and she then explains no single shirt is meant to do the "whole job" as it were.