Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Test Results

Several of you took the surprise test and guessed at the building out back.
Anxious, I'm sure you are, to find out if you passed the test. But like any annoying good teacher, I shall drag this out.

Marie guessed barn. But no, Marie, no animals are kept in this building. Although, occasionally, depending on the season, some do visit.

Terri hedged her bets and chose the 'all the above' category including, Church, fire hall and school.

Blogless Vera, said she couldn't distinguish enough of the building to take a guess.

Laurie M and Sandra both guessed a Church. Sandra said it was because the building was big.

Perhaps, I should have offered a few clues. People gather in this building, routinely, twice a week. They are a quiet, well-mannered crowd. Music sometimes emanates from the building. The building is used some seasons more than others.

Yes, it's a Church. Let me tell you, a Church makes a wonderful neighbour. No barking dogs, no nosy or noisy people, no late-night parties. They created a basket ball court in the parking lot and never use it. All our young, visiting athletes have benefited from that. They plow their snow and mow their grass. And never on a Sunday. They're the best neighbours we've ever had.

On the knitting front, I mentioned perhaps two FOs this week. Here you are. No, it's not Skinny Ribs. Last night, after returning from Book Club, (May's selection was Next by Michael Crichton. Not a favourite of mine) I was too tired to tackle anything challenging. Inspired by the two, new, hand-crocheted dishcloths
I purchased at the market yesterday, I did my best to replicate them.
Not quite, but not bad. Passes my test.

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LaurieM said...

Hmmm...I think it was the parking lot that gave it away. Which was NOT obscured by the trees...