Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Title?? - Your Choice

Many bloggers, I know, select the title for their post after writing the post. Kind of like naming the baby after it's born -a chance to see if it feels right.

But for me, the title seems to come the minute I sit down to post. Usually, it is the first thing I type. But not today. Today, I'm stumped. So, choose a title of your liking. But first you need to know the story.

The Saturday of Mothers' Day weekend was a miserable-weather day here. It was cold - much too cold to call itself May - and it was raining. The rain, fluctuating from torrential to drizzly, didn't let up all day. To make matters worse, there was wind. Lots of it. Gusts and gusts of it.

The thought of a claustrophobia-inducing day spent in the house, in May!! almost sent me to the pharmacy for drugs. I decided to do what any desperate housewife would do - go to the mall.

But, I live in Thornbury- in the Georgian Triangle - not far from Collingwood - near the Blue Mountain ski hills. The nearest mall of any size is in Owen Sound - a half hour away. That, I'm sure makes Thornbury a waste land to some of you.

But, a trip to the mall in Owen Sound, means a trip to Riverside Yarns. It's not in the mall, but it is in the 'Sound'. Close enough. On my last visit, Colleen had mentioned that she was expecting a shipment of aran-weight cotton. Yarn perfect for Hey Teach, a sweater working it's way to the top of my queue. So, carrying my umbrella, off I went.

From the van to the mall and back again, through the rain and the wind, then downtown to Riverside Yarns. There were so many other crazy-avoiding shoppers out and about that day, that I was forced to park a block away. Raising the umbrella, I started to sprint for the store, only to be stopped, in all that wind and rain, by a red light. To say that I was a wind-tossed, rain-drenched wreck when I opened the door to Riverside Yarns, would be a gross understatement. My fine, thin hair was plastered against my face. My clothes were soaked. I wasn't fit to be seen in public.

Gracious Colleen only sympathized with me about the weather and the fact that there was no aran-weight cotton in the store. She suggested she order me some, saying it would arrive in a week. She took my phone number so she could call when the yarn arrived. Not that I doubted her, but, I've heard that story before.

A week easily means ten days in retail. Distributors don't work Saturdays, so no orders go in until Monday. The following Monday was Victoria Day - all stores closed. The week would be, at best, a ten day week, ending yesterday. Did I expect the best? Shame on me, Colleen, for doubting your efficiency, but no, I did not expect 'the best'.

I was out yesterday afternoon when Colleen called. When I arrived home, Fred said Colleen was delivering the yarn to my house!!! She was coming this way to have dinner with a friend and would be glad to deliver my yarn!!!

Here she is in my driveway handing me my sack of yarn.
Now, what title would you put to that story? Good Service? Above And Beyond? Life In A Small Town? It Doesn't Get Any Better? All Of The Above?

That's right, I couldn't decide either. Whatever title you give it, it made my day.


fleegle said...

I'd call it amazing customer service!
And in case you don't check back on my blog, here's the answer to your question:

The asterisk is shorthand for "times." So it's X times .7.

Thanks for reading!

nicki said...

I love Riverside Yarns!
How about.... Small town service, or Lovely Colleen

Christy J said...

Knitting people and yarn shop owners really are the nicest, aren't they! Lucky you. Now we have to wait and see the yarn.
Your skinny, slinky rib sweater looks good on you. That's on my to-do list, but I'd like to get some Lavold Silky Wool to do it. I've been wanting to try that yarn for a long time.

Unknown said...

How about "How to Save a Rain Drenched Wreck"!

Love Skinny Ribs, by the way. The fit is perfect and so is the color. I bet you'll be wearing it all the time. It's on my to-do list, maybe I should hurry up and "do it"! It looks fabulous!

Sel and Poivre said...

I too always start (and curiously usually finish) with the title and it generally comes out of my hands onto the keyboard without my brain even feeling like its been involved... trying to intellectually come up with something for your post is about...

"Right there in my Driveway?!"

Anonymous said...

That was very neat, Brenda - doesn't surprise me, though. Colleen is totally a thoughtful and caring person!
Doesn't Coach have an ego like you've never seen before?! I'll bet that was an 'arranged girlfriend', just for show. Guess we'll never know.

Gina C.