Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

If the name Poetry In Stitches wasn't already taken, I would think that is what we should call our knit group.

Rising to the challenge set out for us last week, after listening to Megan's husband's poetry, Nell came prepared with not one, but two poems. The first was in Dutch, Nell's mother tongue, but her second, I present to you here.

The Knitting Group
By Nell Grift

Every Thursday afternoon at two
Some ladies meet in the Library room.
Some to crochet - some to knit
Some to chat and some to sit.
But mostly they come to learn and to share
All Brenda has to teach them -
As they gather there.
Some make sweater-and scarves
And some make mitts.
Some make socks and some make shifts
While others make Afghans
To give as gifts.
But most of all they are a happy troop
Who've come to be known as the Library Group.

A wonderful poem, but she gives me too much credit.

Joann recited a poem of her childhood, in German.
It was about her home town -- I think.

And last but not least, Poetic Pat wrote a new poem just for today.
A 'serious' poem she told us, about the wondrous gifts life has to offer.

Of course, one of Pat's great gifts, is her knitting.
Look at 'Grandpa'. He even has a medal.

In other knitting, Doreen was wearing the white top she has been working on,

then modelled for us a beautiful shrug her friend knit her as a birthday gift.

Gail knit this cute vest for Sandy B's new grandson.

Nell finished the little pink baby outfit.
With three sizes of hats, no less.

Sharon is wearing the scarf she knit with the lovely silk yarn her husband gave her. Wonderful colours that suit you well, Sharon.

Now on to Survivor. Dang!! I sure wish Coach had been voted off. Sierra's ego must be terribly bruised. They were s-o-o-o unkind to her. And, in case you hadn't noticed, - Coach is lying about not lying. Only three more episodes. The claws are coming out. Let's see what happens tonight.

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Terri said...

To quote someone on the Rav survivor board, Coach (and Debbie) is a lying liar who lies. Ha ha ha!