Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Done!

Well, if you don't count the loose ends, it's done.

It looks great and it fits too!! A double whammy!! And I didn't have to frog as originally thought. Double Double Whammy!!

I particularly like the waist-shaping darts, Grumperina put in this pattern. They are difficult to see in the green, but if you look closely at the orange section in the upper photo, you can see the dart lines.

Pattern: Picolvi by Grumperina - great pattern. Very easily modified.
Yarn: The off white is Super 10 cotton. One and a bit skeins. The greens and oranges are stash. Mostly the same gauge as the Super 10 but not all.

Modifications: The obvious - sleeves added. I simply knit as per Grumperina's instructions to join under the arm, then knit each sleeve down from there.

No Picot edge. I noted with my first Picolovi " Picot edge nice, but not sure it's worth the effort." I heeded my own advice and used ribbing for the neckline. Several ravelers noted that when sleeves were added, the picot-edged neck pulled down. The ribbing should help with that, I hope.

To give a flatter hem, I used garter stitch rather than repeat the ribbing from the neckline.

I moved the dart lines closer to centre. With my first Picolvi, the dart lines pointed to the pits and not the points, as they were meant to do. Not such a good look.

I added the better part of an inch in the straight-knitting section after the waist decreases. I am long waisted and again I learned from my first Picolvi.

Yippee! It's done. And in time for Easter 2010. Perhaps, tomorrow should be a yarn shopping day.


Unknown said...

I see darts! It looks lovely, and just in time for the warm weather! And yes, tomorrow should always be a yarn shopping day!

freshisle said...

Very nice. Great for spring!

Terri said...

very cute top! I like the idea of darts for waist shaping - must investigate more ...

Sel and Poivre said...

...Pointing to the pits not the points...Lol Lol Lol!

What could be better than a knitting FO post that also makes me chuckle?

Okay the sweater itself is pretty great too! I'm so intrigued that you used mixed size stash yarn for multi coloured (and I assume textured)stripes.

The only problem I have always had with this pattern is I can't really say the name out loud - I get all tongue tied because I don't know where the emphasis is - second or third syllable?