Friday, May 15, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

We were small in numbers at knit group today. The day was marked by terribly strong winds and early this morning lots of rain. No wonder some stayed home. But those of us that managed to keep tires on the pavement had a good time.

Doreen wants a message sent to the Southampton knitters. Remember the magazine
she stole borrowed the day we visited? She has made good use of it.
Both the top and the hat were patterns from the magazine. Apparently her plan is to make a return visit to give back the magazine. Watch out Southampton.

Sharon spent last Saturday at a Button Beading workshop. 10am to 4pm. What does she have to show for those six hours?
One button.
According to Sharon, not everyone in the class finished their button! Each bead is sewn on by hand with only a couple of beads at a time being strung on the thread. A very time consuming craft.

Look at the size of this piece of entrelac Sharon is knitting. She is using Patons Soy yarn and intends to make a felted bag. Can't wait for the reveal on this one, Sharon.

That scarf Doreen is knitting is lovely. One strand thick yarn alternated with
one strand thin yarn.

Wilma finished the little crocheted jacket. A top-down project.
Another happy grand child coming up. Do you think Wilma likes that colour? The jacket, her shirt and if you could see it, her necklace too, are all the same colour.

On to Survivor. Debbie wants to be third????? Who's kidding who? JT said it best - you can't trust someone who turns so easily. But still coach remains. I thought it revealing that when the 'loved ones' came to visit, Coach's loved one was his assistant coach. The grand finale, Sunday night. Always a good show and lots of knitting time.

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Sandra said...

yeah - who's "loved one" is his assistnat coach? How much of what this guy says is even believable...