Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Look what went on at Knit Group today.

Sandy just finished a stroller blanket for a friend's baby. Sandy picked up the yarn from Bee Hive Wools in Victoria B.C. while on vacation there in June. The blanket is being knit in Meaford and sent to the Bahamas. I love the way knitters bring the world close together. Aren't those colours perfect for a Bahamas' baby blanket?

I started my next Easy Peasy Summer Wrap. Dorothy is wearing my first one in Quebec City as I write.
I was inspired by this new ball of yarn I picked up in the sale bin at Knitters Bazaar
in Barrie. Oops! Sorry, the store has changed it's name. It is now called Knits and Quilts, I believe. On Anne St.

Nicki baked us Biscotti. Yummy.
And Sandra - that is the Sandra who waits on us hand and foot - served ice water infused with fruits of the season. Sorry - it was gone before I could snap a photo.

And tomorrow, I will reveal my little topper for the 'dress that called my name'. It passed Knit Group inspection. After Knit Group, I took it to the store to show the lady who sold me the dress and it passed inspection there too. I think it looks pretty darn good myself. I'll show it to you tomorrow.

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