Monday, July 14, 2008

Optimism - Thy name Is Knitter

There wasn't much knitting taking place at my house this weekend.
There are a few more rows there - really! But not much, I must admit. And those few rows only got done late Sunday night.

I did find time though to get my yarn ready for the next trip to Hearst. This trip I decided not to take a major project. Instead, hats & mittens are on the agenda. Hat & mittens are often my January knitting. After the Christmas hype, I find them to be soothing. Not too much of a mental challenge, but fun to be creative with colour.

This time in Hearst, two beauteous Grand kids have asked to learn to knit. The oldest already knows how and now, the 6 year old and just-turned, eight year old want to learn. Mindless knitting for Grandma is just the ticket while I help them with their first projects.

Even so, I think I may be a bit optimistic about what I can accomplish in a month.
Do ya think?


Anonymous said...

Who says NO?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog visit and comment. I always pack too much yarn for a trip and then end up buying more just because it's my favorite type of out-of-town shopping. Hearst is probably worse than Timmins though for yarn shopping. I like the yarns in your shrug. I have trouble doing random; I find myself lapsing into a pattern without thinking. Guess that says somthing about my personality.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any blue or white yarn. You're slipping.:)