Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Renovation

Is it right to call it a renovation when it involves knitting? Perhaps the word is re-knitovation?

Remember when this style was popular?

A short Bolero style sweater? I made this one a couple of years ago with yarn purchased over the Internet. A cotton- blend, tweedy yarn. It fits great but has faded from style in /08.

It was destined for the 'recycle' store in town, but yesterday, as I gathered yarn for the trip, I came across the Bolero leftovers. Two full balls and a bit. "Hmmm", says I

I bet I could turn this from the 'One Year Wonder' that it was, to this year's 'au courant'. Not that I am especially fond of this year's fashion favourite; the closely fitted bodice with the fuller, lower half. Really, I can't imagine anyone who has ever been pregnant enjoying wearing that style. It makes my feet swell, just to think about it.

But, I do like my wardrobe to be somewhat current. And a re-knit wouldn't be too timely or costly.

So - the plan is to cut off the lower seed stitch trim and knit down. It will become a full length - or at least as full length as 2 balls and a bit will allow - summer sweater. There will be some fullness - not 9 months worth, but some - and a lace pattern.

Another vacation project. Ever optimistic.

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