Monday, July 7, 2008

I Heard The Dress Call My Name

Look what I bought Thursday after Knit Group.
Walking from Knit Group to the LYS, I passed one of Meaford's treasures. Coco. A ladies dress shop. It was a sunny day.The door was open. Something was calling my name. Stepping inside, there it was. A great summer dress. My colours. My size. My price. How often does that happen?

I looked at it for a l-o-n-g time. I knew I didn't need a dress. I knew my spending money had just gone to pay for a new tire. Then a new sidewalk. I knew the rule was -" Walk away and think about it."

So the dress remained in the store. I ran a few errands then went to the yarn store for a ball of red yarn. (That's a little surprise for a friend who is an occasional reader. I will share it with you after I see her on Wednesday) And all the time, there was a voice - the dress was calling my name.

Returning to the car, I had to walk right past Coco's a second time.
"Well, it wouldn't hurt to take another look" said my bad, bad, bad, free-spending self.

This time I tried it on. It fit perfectly. Ah - the clerk did mention something about control-top panty hose. So, let's say - almost perfectly.
I love the flowers and bit of beige in the skirt.

I love the beige with orange embroidery at the neck.

Being a sleeveless dress, the clerk pointed out that a little 'jacket' of some kind would really kick it up a notch. (The industry term for this is 'cross-sell') In fact, she threw one over my shoulders to demonstrate. Yes, that did put the dress into another sphere. However, she only had black jackets and of course that wouldn't do with the brown dress.

All the way home, the knitting brain was working. What could I knit to go with the dress?
What could I knit that would be easy enough to get it done fast enough to wear the dress THIS summer? Did I have 'stash stuff'' in the dress colours? Turns out I did. Or do. Look what I found.

Now, what am I making? I'll show you when it's done. Sorry. It really doesn't look like much right now. It won't take long. I promise.

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