Monday, July 28, 2008

Definitely - Your Grandma's Knitting

Most often, I pride myself on knitting what I categorize as "Not Your Grandma's Knitting"

I knit not so much to keep hands and head warm in winter, but for style. I knit not so much to save money on socks and slippers, but for the satisfaction of artistic creativity.

But in avoiding 'Grandma's Knitting', some techniques and knitted items are missing from my knitting repertoire.

Until yesterday, I had never knit a tea cozy. And never tried the two-colour, garter stitch technique so popular in Grandma's cozies and slippers.

Tea cozies, though, hold a certain allure and I had always been curious about that two-colour technique.

And so voila! My very first tea cozy.

But, should I start speaking wistfully about knitting what EZ calls 'Nether Garments', hide my needles. Please!

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm..."Nether Garments"...after a few more winters here you might think they sound I do. :-)