Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Today we had a real treat at Knit Group. A couple of youngsters, a sister and brother team, that wanted to learn to knit. Muggles no more. Look at them go.

That's Nicki, the teacher, in white. She even taught them to cast on. Something I am never brave enough to do on the first go-round. Emma's pursed lips say it all, don't they? And I was so focused on those lips that I cut the teacher's head out of the shot.

Nicki's Mom, Vera, reads the blog in B.C. and loves to see full shots of her daughter. But sorry, Vera, it's a no-head shot today.

The rest of the group tried to stay out of the way of the learners. Wilma kept busy with a pink baby sweater. She has a shower to go to soon

And Doreen is making her first pair of socks.
Well, at least when I snapped the photo, she said they were her first pair. But later she confessed that she has made socks before just not for a long, long time. Thank goodness she fessed up, as the rest of us were beginning to feel pretty inferior. When I took the picture, I didn't notice, but looking at it now, I realize her top matches her knitting. I love it when knitters wear clothes to match their knitting-of-the-day. Way to go, Doreen.

And what did I wear, you ask? Well, yes indeed I did. My new orange top.

There you have the outfit that was meant to be my travel attire for the trip home from Hearst. Now it will be what I wear for the trip back up in mid-July.

And my Knit Group activities? The gauge swatch for the green summer top. And I am
w - a - y off. With the recommended needles, the ball band states 21 stitches over four inches. Me? 28. Got some work to do there. Perhaps a gauge-free summer wrap would be a nice idea.

Thursdays are for Knit Group and ain't it grand?

1 comment:

Vera said...

not a nice thing to do... cutting Nicki's head off :-(
but it is nice to know that you are all having fun at the knit group.
Wish I was there too....