Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Apple Country , Apple Hat

A friend of mine is expecting her first grandchild at the beginning of August.

Sadly, Grandma-to-be is a non-knitter. The knitting world is shaking their heads and clucking in disbelief at that news. Worried that the little one would nave nothing hand-knit to wear, I decided to make a baby hat.

Since we live in apple country, here in Grey County, the hat is an 'apple hat'. Lest you think I am brilliantly creative to put the idea of apple country/apple hat together, I confess I stole the idea from Sharon. Sharon - the weaving, bag lady from Knit Group. (See post of May 8) She makes apple hats for the new babies in her life. I shamelessly copied.
I had no pattern other than a basic top down hat pattern. I added the brown 'I Cord' for the stem and did some 'fair isle' work at the top to create the leaves.

This is the red yarn I bought last Thursday after hearing the dress call my name. The yarn is Naturally Merino Fine. From New Zealand. It was the first time I have ever used this yarn. A very soft, washable wool.

The hat was the secret project I mentioned in Monday's post. Grandma-to-be and I hike on Wednesdays and I know she occasionally reads the blog, so I couldn't tell you about the hat until after today's hike.

Here is Grandma and our hiking friends with the hat.

And now, Grandma and the hat.

Grandma loved the hat and got the 'apple' thing at first glance. She looks much too young to be a Grandma, don't you think?


Vera said...

Hurrah!!! The heads are on!
Thanks, Brenda

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, she looks much too young to be a grandma. The apple hat is gorgeous and I can't wait to see Squirt sporting it!
Thanks very much,
Caryn (Gramma-Lo's daughter-in-law and mother of Squirt)