Thursday, July 17, 2008

The 'Dress That Called My Name' Shrug/Shawl

This little shawl is another of my famous - or maybe infamous - Easy Peasy patterns. It can be any size you want. Longer and/or wider than mine. Or not. The world's your oyster on this one.


Choose yarns in colours that you like. Again, an odd number probably works best. Include some 'fancy' yarns. An eyelash and a sparkle really 'kick it up a notch'.

Yarns don't have to be the same gauge or fibre. In fact the more pronounceable the differences in the yarns, the more interesting your piece.

Use a relatively large needle. I used 8mm

The shawl is done - or at least mine was - in garter stitch. That is, knit every row. The benefit of garter stitch is that both sides are the same. There is no right or wrong side. Of course, you can knit yours in any stitch you want. The principle remains the same whatever stitch you use.

This piece, unlike the other Easy Peasy Shawl pattern, is done with vertical stripes. And the yarn is used for more than one row at a time. The decision to use a particular yarn and to make the stripes a particular width is TOTALLY RANDOM. Don't try to over think it. Have a little faith and just knit.

Also unlike the other Easy Peasy Shawl pattern, this one is not fringed. In the 0ther pattern, the ends became the fringe and didn't require being sewn in. Sorry, but in this shawl, you do have to sew in the ends.

Cast on sufficient stitches to make the topper as long ( ie deep) as you want it to be. Remember, you are working side-to-side so you are casting on for the depth of the shawl.

Knit a few rows in your cast on colour. When you think you have enough for that colour, change colours.

Knit a few rows - not the same number of rows as the first colour - of colour number two.

Continue in this manner until the piece is as long as you want it to be.

Cast off. Sew in the ends. (Sorry)

To make it into a shrug, at each end, sew the front to the back for a few inches.

Voila! En Easy Peasy, 'Done Before Dinner' Shawl. Enjoy.

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