Friday, February 1, 2013

Ready, Set ...

Knitting has been on the back seat of my life since mid- December.  Back seats can be  a mojo killer.  But, the last few days, I feel something.  The mojo is coming back.  It is starting to percolate.  That little knitting urge, currently buried  under 'life'  is  , like the flowers in spring, starting to assert itself.

So much so that my yarns are ready and waiting  for my 'colour' block sweater. 

The purple is left over form Vignette.  The greens and orange were gifts- Sandy B's sister Sue again.

While the yarn was a gift, the pattern I am stealing.  At least the concept.  I am going to do a sweater similar to Chris Bylsma's Kaleidoscope Top.  Mine will be a cardigan. Knit in the round from bottom to top.  And probably have no ruffle.

Tonight I will finish up Kitimat mitten #2  -  then  - "Let the mojo return,"

 Check with me on Monday to see progress.  In the meantime, have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading.


Needles said...

Oh my I like this. And the colours! Love love love them!

Re Point: I'm leaving the error. No one will see it but me and it is only part of a row. If it bugs me late I can still fix and I am going to do a bind off that will be easy to undo. Just in case.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend and refreshed mojo, Brenda!