Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

What a lot of laughs we had a knit group today.  Topics ranged from job searches, to composting toilets, to kidney stones.  All subjects that seemed, at the time, somehow related.  Sober second thought might say differently.  But what we did have in common was the knitting.

Sharon arrived today with  two felted gift bags.  The pattern, from One Skein Wonders, is a quick knit and makes a great gift. 

Especially when you stuff it with a beret knit with Madelinetosh as Sharon has done. Someone is going to have a very Happy Birthday.

Little Ruth arrived with a partially knit sock and a ball of tangles.  But what really thrilled her today was her new toilet.  She has only ever had one toilet in her house and it is  located upstairs with the bedrooms.  That becomes more problematic as one gets older she told us.She  is just delighted to have a new one on her first floor.   
 It is a composting toilet and although Ruth has no idea where the waste goes  or how the thing works, there was no denying her excitement at having this added convenience.

Gail has the first sock of a pair finished.  'Work' socks she is knitting   for her grand daughter.  What is it about adult styles reduced to child size that make them so darn cute?

Nicki brought in the yarn she spun using her contraption. - The one I showed in  last Thursday's post.  I guess it must work because that is great looking yarn, Nicki.

Deanna has a great start on a Churchmouse Poncho .   She is using Cascade 220 Superwash.  I gave her credit for being able to 'see' the poncho in the coloured yarn when the pattern picture showed it in a plain brown.  Not all knitters can see beyond the pattern picture.

 All in all a fun day.  A place to go to talk of all matter of things.  Including husbands that annoy.  Oops.  Did I say that out loud?

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Sandra said...

no worries - we all have THAT husband one time or another!