Friday, February 8, 2013

BIG Has Benefits

My stash is big.  So big that sometimes it overwhelms me.  Already  a pension collector I  wonder when will I ever get time to knit all that yarn.

But other times, big is a gift.  Truly a gift.  Here is the new  colour palette for Colour Block.

Chosen from my stash  and all but the purple are gift yarns.  Ruby from Hearst and Sandy B's sister Sue keep me supplied.

The variegated green has shades of lilac in it that complement the purple and shades of light green
that  complement the mohair.  I have 900 metres  and it WILL be enough.  In the meantime, disappointed with the earlier, differing gauges issue,  I took up, once again my Geodesic Cardi.  It is not any enjoyable knit but I will force myself to focus on it.  I will not start colour block until Geodesic is done.  Promise.

Our current winter storm is being dubbed 'Perfect'.    Knitters will not disagree.  Stay home.  Stay warm and stay knitting.  Have a great weekend everyone.


Linda said...

Love your blog, love the knitting group photos and stories and here's to a warm, safe and cozy weekend of knitting during the storm.

Deb @ cabinfever said...

Today is the day to stay at home and knit, YAY!!