Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Dance

There is progress.   Colour Block  has been planned, re planned and   - TA DA! - started.

So far, I am thrilled.  

Suzie M's  newer, creative method of knitting a  top-down sweater with set-in-sleeves, known as The Contiguous Method,  has intrigued me since I first came across it on ravelry a year or so ago.  What better time to try it, than now.  On Colour Block 

Since this type of construction  begins with a 'measurement times gauge'  thing, there was a bit of math before I could start.  Colour changes, when/where I wanted them to occur  and how long I wanted each to last meant even more math. 

Several sheets of paper, a pencil nub, one tired brain, a winter's storm and hours of TV coverage of the Provincial  Curling Championships on the weekend  and here I am. 

Thrilled. The plan is for  a top down, set-in-sleeve garment, with a neck line about as low as a 'v' neck, but scooped rather than veed,   and  an off-set, front opening.  Buttons to be many, smaller and ending between bust and waist where there will be shaping.

Look at this set-in-sleeve!  Happy dance.
At this point, I  do think I have gone a bit too far and will be ripping back an inch or so.  There are body section increases required as the sleeve nears the underarm section to enlarge the sweater  from shoulder width to bust width.  In my Happy Dance  state of knitting euphoria, I went too far.  But this is one of those knits that is just so thrilling to work on  that ripping back doesn't bother me.  Just another chance to be thrilled all over again. 

My knitting, so far this winter, has seemed without focus, on the back burner and further from the top of  life's pile of  must do's than normal, for me.  To have Colour Block finally start to take shape, appear successful and like-able - wow!  That's worth a Happy Dance.


Needles said...

I love the way it looks - like a winner!

Linda said...

This is intriguing! I'm happy to follow your progress.

Sandra said...

looking great! And I too, was channel flipping between Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta finals - SO glad to see Glenn representing Ontario again!