Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spring Scarf

While contemplating thee construction details of Colour Block, I knit my first spring scarf.  The yarn is Bolivia, purchased on my recent yarn crawl day.  True North Yarns in Barrie are clever people.  The first thing I saw when entering the store was a delightful spring-coloured scarf.  Who can resist that on a snowy winter's day.  Not me, it seems.

The scarf is an easy knit - 10mm needles, 18 stitches, and knit until the yarn runs out.  In my case that gave me a scarf the length of my queen size bed. 
80 inches I believe that is.

Bolivia, true to it's hand spun origins, has lots of thick and thin parts. 
While knitting, this gave the scarf an extremely  wonky border.  Severe blocking later and it is  tamed into an almost  perfect rectangle.  Just enough wonkiness left to show off the hand-spun ness.

It will be wonderful with a light, spring jacket.  Lucky me, I have scored 2 such coats recently at ridiculously low prices during Zellers  closing out sale.  It was meant to be.