Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

My memory is getting so bad.  Nicki walked in to knit group today, wearing a great hat.
 I complimented her on it and she said she wears it lots.  O.K. That's nice.
I asked her if the pattern was from Knitty.  I vaguely remembered Knitty having a pattern for 3 tams.  "You should know, you knit it", Nicki said. 
"I did?"  "Me?"  "And I gave it to you?"  Wow, none of that do I remember.  But I sure liked it a lot.  I think I will queue it up again.

Jean plans in advance.  There is a trip to the Yukon and across the Arctic circle in the works for her this summer.  She already has a start on a quick 'something to throw over a tee shirt' as she describes it.  Lot of cables and lace across the horizontally-knit upper chest with a stockinet lower half.  Shown here  - not to advantage -  held up against her sweater, it will be perfect  over a tee. 

Sharon, like me, has the late-winter,  can't-wait-'til-spring, house-cleaning urge.  After cleanign out some closets, she brought in several vintage pattern books to give away today.  For some strange reason, this one didn't get grabbed up by anyone.  Can't imagine why not.  It's still available. Anyone?

Nicki brought in a, new-to-me, piece of fibre apparatus today.  She explained it to us, showed us how it worked and all I understood was  "It is for plying." 

Wilma, shown below wearing her Dk weight, top-down cardi from Button up Your Top Down,  finished her crocheted baby blanket.  Lovely bright colours for a little one, Wilma. 
"Wilma?? Gail??  Hello?  Anyone home??"   Too busy knitting to look up.

A great afternoon sandwiched between championship games of women's curling.  Culers from across the country vying for top Canadian spot.  Another game tonight.  What a wonderful way to waste time.  Especially since the game plays at the perfect knitting speed.


Anonymous said...

Nicky's hat story is a hoot! and I was glad to hear that I'm not the only one who dis-remembers like that!


Sandra said...

I'm streaming them live at work (we have a very open office policy...) Luckily I have two screens on my desk, so I can keep the Scotties live on one and work on the other!