Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Colur Block Progress

Stay with me here.

That's right.  No progress.  I have spent several knitting hours studying my pattern books, determining just exactly what I really wanted in a colour block sweater, working out gauge (Thankfully I had a giant gauge swatch in my Vignette, knit of the same yarn) working out stitch counts and design features.  Ready, finally,  to  cast on last night. 

6 stitches into the cast on, I thought - "Wow!  The orange Lamb's Pride yarn seems much thicker than the purple I used for VIgnette."  That is when I looked - really looked  - at the label. 

Compared to the  leftover balls of purple that got this entire Colour Block concept started.

Oh, how sometimes I yearn for a better brain.



Sel and Poivre said...

This scenario is so recently familiar to me!

Needles said...

Double? I completely understand this, though I would like to pretend I don't.

Jan said...

Snicker :)