Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Today's weather cooperated - or at least held off.   I not only got to knit group but there were chocolates.

Nan, part time Meafordite, full time knitter has been up from Toronto for a couple of winter weeks and arrived at knit group today sporting a Koigu, I-Cord necklace. 

 Clever, fun, inexpensive and quick to knit.  Thanks for showing us, Nan.

Jean was wearing a sweater, today, that is not only a work of art, but a lot of work. 
Sharon asked if the yarn was her own hand-spun.  Just like something Jean might do.  Spin the yarn then knit a work of art.  But not this time - commercial yarn, she said.

Little Ruth was back today. 
Poor thing.  Two months ago today,  she slipped on a patch of sidewalk ice in front of her home, fell,  broke her arm, smashed her face and broke her glasses.  But it's hard to keep a good knitter away from her needles.  One pair of grandson's socks are ready, the second pair are on the needles.

Wilma has finished a lovely cabled slouchy hat, knit with Manos.  Looks great Wilma and pretty practical for the stormy winter weather we are having.

Nicki has the sock-yarn, log-cabin blanket sewn together. She Kitchener stitched it.  Should there not be an award for that?   Gorgeous.  But, she thinks,  too heavy for a shawl as was her intention.  Plan B is more squares to make it into a blanket.  I should say, more socks, then more squares.

Knitters and knitting.  Chocolates and yarn.  Is there anything better? 

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Needles said...

I'm sorry. I simply cannot process the idea of kitchener stitching the whole blanket together. My mind doesn't bend that far.