Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday And No Knit Group

Looking out my window today, I was undecided whether to tackle the drive to Meaford for knit group.

 But having been away last week, I really wanted to go.  So I tried.  In 15 minutes, I managed to get about 3 minutes from home. Poor visibility,  roads not ploughed  and snow falling like crazy.  The local radio station advised  'Stay off the roads' and for once I agree with them.

Back at home now, I will knit   with the girls in spirit.  With extra yarn left over from  Kitimat,

 I have decided to knit matching  mittens.

 I wondered if  I might have to alter the depth of the pattern.  After all, hands are not the same depth as heads, are they?

But - ta da - turns out they are.  When I laid my hand against the hat, it fit perfectly.  The stitch count is the only difference between the two pieces.  The colour work is exactly as written in the hat pattern.  And now I know if I ever lose my ruler and wonder how deep to make my hat - just hold my hand to my head.

If this snow doesn't stop, I'll need this warm and cozy pair asap.


Sel and Poivre said...

I love that! How clever!

Yarn and Ivories said...

Nice! Matching!! Somebody's lucky day! Stay in, stay warm, and safe. Just got home from seeing The Hobbit, 3D. Loved it!