Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Different Thursday

No knit group for me today.  I am off to Dad's for a few days.  Last week, my Dad was re-hospitalized and is still there.   If the doctors can get him back on track, he will go to a retirement home when released. 

So - Sis and I are to get the house ready for  market.  This morning, I leave to help with that process.  Sorting, cleaning, painting, etc etc etc.

But I leave you with some progress on my Geodesic cardi.  Not much but some.

 The back - complete!  Yippee!  One dropped stitch, marked,  as you can see which I will tie off.  Otherwise done! 

The front.  Working on the left front at the moment, I realized as I snapped the photo that I am about half way to the top.  There are 8 tucks to be knit and I am working #4.

The yarn is fine, splitting and IMO does not make for the most consistent or perfect    or neat knitting.  I am hoping that blocking will put those stitches in their place.

Geodesic is not the knitting I am taking to Dad's.  Required at a time like this is a  small project with thicker yarn.  I am taking pattern and yarn for Kitimat.  A Fig Cottage Free pattern that suits the times exactly.



Sel and Poivre said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear! I imagine it'll be hard for him to lose his independence!

Good luck with your efforts at his place...a big job - I know!

EL said...

Prayers for your Dad & bigs hugs to you. Hope everything goes well. Take Care.

Sandra said...

Kitimat is lovely, and will be a great project for the time you have coming up. I feel for you and for your Dad. FOr you, becasue it's got to be so hard to see your Dad lose his independence after so long. And for your Dad for the loss of independence. I wish there was someting I could do for you. Maybe we'll meet up at the Frolic in April, and you can tell me how great your Dad is doing then.

Crazy Knitting Fool said...

Good luck with your dad's house.