Monday, January 21, 2013

Block Head

Such slow progress I am making on my Imitation Embroidery Socks and my Geodesic Cardi.  Fine, fine yarn  coupled with my  limited, available  knitting time these days, means little progress.  Let's just say  - far from finished, both.

And in the mean time I dream of doing something with fatter yarn.  Something that would  knit up faster.  Fatter should equal faster, and  I do hanker after thicker yarn and needles and a quick knit.

Along with fatter and faster, I have also been dreaming about colour-block knitting  lately.  In early January, I downloaded an Laura Aylor pattern - she was giving away one free pattern per customer to celebrate her birthday.  I chose City Block Shawl.  I spotted this pattern when first released and immediately listed it in my favourites.  Thinking - because of it's simplicity -  I could replicate it on my own without spending any money I nonetheless know enough not to look a gift horse in the mouth and quickly 'purchased' my freebie.  Thanks Laura.

Colour block sweaters also have been calling my name.  And since I have some Deep Purple Lamb's Pride Worsted left over from my Vignette

 and a couple of skeins of the same yarn in orange and olive green, (gotta'  have some green) I indeed see a colour--block sweater happening.  Something like this  or this  or this.

All in adult sizes of course.  Bright, lively, fun  and fast.   I am trying to discipline myself to not start a colour-block knit until Geodesic is finished.  But discipline has never been my strong suit.  Being a block head sounds great right about now.


Yarn and Ivories said...

You did it again! Just as I've settled into cleaning the house, and putting Christmas away, because I have NO pending projects due, I almost wrote a blog about my predicament... Then I went to your links: This this and this, and I'm in love... need a cotton, color-block, zippered sweater.
So long, January! Looking in the stash...

Jan said...

I love the 2nd "this" LOL