Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Snowy, winter weather kept many home from knitting today.  Pity.  Because those of us that were there, got to see some  v-e-r-y  interesting things today.

First up, was Wilma's yarn bowl.  Her wooden yarn bowl.  Not finished yet, but brought  to knit group to garner opinions for her wood-working husband from those who would know - the knitters.

Lovely.  Perfect.  Non-breakable.  Just right.  Those were the remarks I heard.  I would add - light-weight.  Well done, Dirk.

Wilma also brought the Fried Chicken Mitten pattern with her today.  Around the room she went diagnosing our thumbs.

 I, it seems have the 'pruned branch' style of thumb.  My other choices were chicken leg or shampoo bottle lid.  The Fried  Chicken  Mitten pattern offers thumb opening styles to suit whatever type of thumb you might have. 

 After a look at the new, locally-crafted, knitting accessory and a discussion of thumb types, Nicki brought out her log-cabin pieces.  Knit from sock yarn, Nicki has been working on them for a long time.  A couple of years at least.  Over time most of us have   contributed to her sock-yarn stash for this special project.  It was fun to spot some of our socks in  her squares.  

 And in it's proposed, glorious layout, here it is.
That bright blue with red/yellow stripes in the closest square on the left is from the socks I knit for Dorothy.

One might think that Nicki knit these squares for a blanket.  But no, she intends to wear this piece.  Once sewn together it will be  a shawl. Nicki our knitter with style, our woman with a certain panache will wear it well.  Can't wait to see it on you Nicki.

 And speaking of sewing it together - Nicki has asked me to check with the blogshere for suggestion on how best to do that.  Should she do a 3 needle bind-off of sorts by picking up stitches through the finished edges?  Mattress stitch?  Crocheted edgings?  Other suggestions?  What would be the best way to sew it together?

A yarn bowl, a thumb shaped like a chicken leg and a sock-yarn shawl.  I bet there are many who live their entire lives totally unaware of such things.  Pity.


Anonymous said...

Love this post! Yes, a pity that so many who are unaware of such interesting issues. I'd go with the mattress stitch to sew all the log cabin squares together so there isn't a visible seam on one side. What a great project!

I made the chicken leg mittens a few months ago and love them. They fit great since I have a true chicken leg thumb.

I hope this works; I never know how to choose an identity when commenting since I don't have a blog, url, google account, or have any idea what an open ID is. I hate to be anonymous, but I think that's the only one that works, so I'll sign here. ---Ann

Anonymous said...


Sad news about your dad - hope he gets on the mend again soon.

That is going to be one beautiful Shawl!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about that mystery space and scribble above my previous comment - no idea how i did that. maybe it's code for something! :) ...Gina